dressing up: Dressember week 1 recap

Remember Dressember? Week 1 has ended, and so for those of you following along, here’s a look back at the 1st seven days of dresses:

Where’d I Get What I Wore?
Day 1: Banana Republic merino dress
Day 2: TOAST bamboo easy dress, Target camo leggings, ASOS ankle boots
Day 3: Boden ‘Marilyn’ dress, UNIQLO leggings
Day 4: Boden ‘Amelia’ dress, Banana Republic pearl studs, tights, ALL BLACK flats
Day 5: Boden tunic and leggings, Madewell jumper, ASOS ankle boots, Lauren knots
Day 6: ASOS jersey + leather dress, Boden jumper, ALL BLACK flats, baublebar cuff
Day 7: TOAST bamboo easy dress, UNIQLO leggings, ASOS ankle boots, tartan scarf

See you next Sunday with ‘what I wore for Dressember‘ : Week 2!


** Disclaimer: all items are owned by me and were purchased by me, some several years ago. No one begged, cajoled, or coerced me to wear (or post about) these lovely items.

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