scoring: ankle boots

It’s with great fanfare and excitement that I introduce a new series called ‘Saturday Score’!

We all read terrific fashion blogs that offer insight and inspiration for what to wear and what’s on trend. This series takes their advice and applies it! Every month, I’ll be scouring the interwebs for items that are offered at terrific prices. Check back bright and early for Saturday morning updates. Better still, signup below for delivery straight to your inbox.

This month’s Saturday score: New Look Calypo Studded Flat Boots at, offered in both sand (a taupe/grey) and black suede and a score at 27USD. I speak from experience when I say they’re comfortable.

the Saturday Score on


Now, I did hesitate to use this scheduled post as the kick-off. Why? Because I’ve just checked the asos site again and this first ‘Saturday Score’ is now sold out. Not really convenient for my tidy editorial calendar. Or for my plans to grab a pair in black.

So, to ameliorate the lack of ‘scoring’ on your part, lovely readers, I’ve amassed a selection of similar styles. Peruse – and score – to your hearts content:

That’s the September score, kids; see you back here next month. And if you’re looking for something in particular, leave me a comment and we’ll see what we can score!


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