shopping the summer sales

Much has been written about the ‘summer sales’. And the winter sales, for that matter. But I’ve been very diligent – and patient – this year about what I buy and when. My wardrobe has changed recently, and keeps changing, as this diet continues to work. So closets have been cleaned, clothes and accessories donated. And, not that the closet is looking bare by any stretch of the imagination, I’ve been carefully scrutinizing what needs replacing and what looks best on me now.

So I’ve shopped the summer sales. For the first time in a long time. And with glee.

Here’s a taste of what I snagged:

Snagged from the Sales

1. Jack Wills Elliry cardigan /  2. Marc by Marc Jacobs scarf / 3. Toast long scarf /
4. Toast beaded shawl / 5. Toast bamboo easy dresses /
6. Aubin & Wills elastic waist dress /  7. Toast phoebe swimsuit


And some accoutrements:

The accoutrements
1. Lulu Frost celestial necklace / 2. Tatler magazine / 3. Where’d You Go, Bernadette /
4. Converse sneakers / 5. Lanvin danseuses ring / 6. Timex Weekender


It all fits — and is fashionable, functional, and fun. Even the reading material. Did you shop the summer sales? And did you snag anything you love?



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