wearing a tartan sweatshirt

I’ve posted about sweatshirts before. But not since this one caught my eye:

stella mccartney tartan

Stella McCartney

It’s mohair. Which is perhaps less ‘sweatshirt-y’, but still amazing. This, however:

zara tartan sweatshirt


This is a sweatshirt. Which is why I bought it.

By-the-by, do we need to talk about tartan? Or plaid?

I didn’t go to private school, but I wanted to – especially when I saw the uniforms. When I was young(er) and impetuous, and someone asked my favorite color, I responded matter-of-factly: “Plaid.” Plaid is my favorite color. It’s always festive. And pairs nicely with all of the solids in my wardrobe.


keep calm tartan


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