celebrating the new year


It’s been a year of change. Good change. A moving forward in bold directions change. I am feeling calm and capable and centered. Ready.

It had been that I wasn’t feeling these things. That when I looked into the future, scanned the calendar for what was ahead, I couldn’t see it. Didn’t feel it. I saw dates and numbers and tasks and appointments. I saw what was required – but not what was possible.

No longer. It’s not just that it’s the first of the year; it is the promise of each day. And I’m feeling it now. That my self is returning, growing, strengthening. That every day can feel like a celebration of the new, with a nod – not a clinging – to what has been. A single step changed my approach, allowing me to tack through the wind and gain speed. Mature. Most days now, I wake up with a smile and an unabashed delight in what the day might hold. To see beyond the requirements. To revel in the moments. To, where possible, live at peace with all people at all times.

So I go confidently in the direction of my dreams; ready to live the life I’ve imagined. And as I simplify my life, the laws of the universe are simpler. And the light is green.


What do you think?