having words with sir isaac newton

isaac newton bobble

The ‘words on Wednesday’ series continues with these words from yet another favorite, renowned scientist Sir Isaac Newton:

And my favorite: ‘To myself I am only a child playing on the beach, while vast oceans of truth lie undiscovered before me.’

It’s a statement of passionate curiosity, isn’t it? Like Einstein. Like DaVinci. These great men, who thought great things, weren’t just born with curiosity and passion; they decided to couple these traits and be useful to society. They decided. Many of us don’t make that decision – or we believe we aren’t able to make it. History bears a different truth, however, and when we pick up the mantle of decision we free ourselves from the oppression of mediocrity. Given that we have the choice to pick it up, of course. That’s an oppression of an entirely different kind, and still more worth both the decision and the fight.

Maybe it’s in the fight that we develop the passionate curiosity? Maybe that’s why they fought in the first place? Chicken? Or egg?

Leave your decisions in the comments, friends. And meet me back here next Wednesday so we can have more words.


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