switching scents again

I promised a fall/winter scent-switching update. And here it is – in all it’s simplicity:

 Switching Scents :: A/W edition

Guerlain Shalimar / Rodin / Diptyque Eau Duelle / Kiehl’s Musk
I move from three (or more) to just one: Kiehl’s Musk. Truth be told, like Shalimar, I wear Kiehl’s year-round as well; it just smells that good. But nothing suits me more when the weather turns colder than its warm, comforting blanket of musk oil. The rest of the ‘spring/summer’ scents get shelved at that point, returning with the hellbores and the first thaw.
After the formula changed, I ebay-stalked the Kiehl’s ‘Limited Edition’ bottles. And as any (fashion) junkie will tell you, it was totally worth it. For you ‘noses’ out there, here’s the breakdown of the notes for what they call the ‘modern version’ of their signature scent:
Top – bergamot nectar + orange blossom
Middle – rose + lily + ylang ylang + neroli
Base – tonka nut + white patchouli + musk
Delicious. But  now I need to give a shout-out to Calvin Klein’s Obsession, which gets some play on the deepest, darkest, most blustery winter days. It’s scent reminds me of the heady days of my youth. It’s notes are:
Top – mandarin + bergamot + jasmine + rose + orange blossom
Middle – coriander + tagete + armoise
Base – amber + oakmoss
No surprises here, kids, as lovely jasmine raises it head again!
Anyone else switching scents … again? I’d love to hear what you’re wearing!
PS: I have NO idea what’s going on with the spacing in this post.
And as I’ve spent entirely too much time trying to sort it out, I’m hitting ‘publish’.
Apologies – and cheers.

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