crying on the runway, part 1

Tears, tears, and more tears. That’s the teaser for this Project Runway weekly windup, part 1.

When last we left our designers, Bradon and Dom were headed to fashion week with guaranteed spots. Alexandria, Helen, and Justin were headed home for 6 weeks of work which might or might not see the lights of the fashion week tents.

I may have mentioned that there were tears: sniffles from Dom, hiccups from Bradon, and Justin and Alexandria wept openly. No one flinched, however. They all left New York buoyed by the chance to take $9,000 and turn it into a 10-piece S/S14 collection. Oh, and they left with an additional challenge from the judges: one of the looks in the collection must be made from ‘unconventional materials’ – “and we all know by now what that means – no fabric,” said a very serious Heidi. I immediately thought of this:

edna mode no capes


Eventually, the time came and Tim did his home visits. I love the home visits and was happy to see that Alexandria had gotten some rest. While nothing surprised me much, I was definitely intrigued by what I saw Justin doing: reinterpreting sound waves via 3D printing. Very unconventional. Very current.

And things were going as expected: nerves before/during/and after Tim’s critique, nerves about finishing/reworking/and starting, nerves about being back in New York, and nerves when they hit the revamped finale workroom as they sized-up the collections of the other designers.

Then Tim walked in. And in walked the brand manager for Tide ‘Pods’ with a last minute challenge: create an extra look for ‘the Tide Pods customer who loves fashion’. It’s the wash-and-wear challenge!

Sidebar: That was false excitement. And there have been too many sponsored challenges this season. Now back to the windup

Tough challenge? Possibly. We’ll see more on this in ‘part 2’ of the finale tonight and I’m eager to see how they handled it. But now, we’re into the styling chairs and onto the runway. That coveted 3rd spot is on the line! Here are the looks of Alexandria (top), Helen (middle), and Justin (bottom):

To save you all the guessing and postulating, Helen was ‘out’. And I think it was on Heidi’s insistence that Alexandria wasn’t; Heidi loved her point-of-view and whole vibe. The judges uniformly loved Justin’s story about using his deafness as inspiration: look 1 represented his world in silence, look 2 was the chaos of hearing for the first time, and look 3 was the harmony found in joining his two worlds/two looks. Poetic. And again, that 3D printing was amazing. BTW, look 3 was his ‘unconventional materials’ look. That dress is made out of pipettes and test tubes – and was noisy! Doesn’t it look like elaborate beading? Or fur? LOVED it.

So both Alexandria and Justin will be joining Bradon and Dom in the tents. Will it all go pear-shaped for someone? Will it come down to a tie? Will two of the designers leave the show to form a collaboration – ‘Bradom’? Will Michael shove Zac out of the way for a say in the final judging panel? Tune in tonight to watch Alexandria cry – and to see who takes the prize worth $500k. 9pm Eastern on Lifetime.



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