watching ‘the one that got away’

Have you seen Moda Operandi‘s new vimeo series? Quick little 90-second hits of a fashion truth we all face – ‘the one that got away’. Here’s a tease for your Monday morning:

Do you have one that got away? I’ve had some near-misses, but can think immediately of my ‘the one’. It was a simple navy blue knit dress. So unassuming in that shop window in the 7th arondissement. While I stood there considering, my friends left me to have another pain au chocolat. I deliberated mightily before going into the shop to try it on. It would be too expensive, I thought. And make me look too grown-up, I wagered. But…

I still remember how it felt when I slipped it on, how it looked, how it made me feel. The shop assistants fussed and exclaimed. Then I took it off, smiled at the them, and left it there. Two days later, I went back and it was gone.

So I did the only reasonable thing I could think of to do: took the metro to Printemps and bought myself this coat:



PS: All of this has me thinking about other things that have ‘gotten away’. I’ve had houses that got away. And furniture that got away. And art that got away. Even jobs and adventures that got away. Huh. I think I feel another post coming on. Watch this space.

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