getting butterflies on the runway


Welcome to the Project Runway weekly windup – and the final challenge of the season. Be on your avant-gardes!

And with that bad pun, we’re off. Heidi and Tim announced a final road-trip for the designers; they were off to Sweetbriar Nature Center and the butterfly house in particular. The lovely creatures were to be the designers’ inspiration for the avant-garde challenge. Always surprising, sometimes controversial, this challenge is meant to push the designers to their limits creatively. Who will net the win, do you think? I had my favorite, but was pleased to see everyone do so well. Here are the looks:

alexandria avant


bradon avant


dom avant


NB: Guest judge Emmy Rossum actually tried on Dom’s coat. It looked great!

helen avant


justin avant


Amazing work from all 5 of them! But don’t flit off just yet; there’s more!

At some point during the fast-forward, the designers walked into the workroom to find mannequins of the losing designs from weeks past. Then Tim walked into the workroom and announced that the judges had set another challenge: chose one of the losing looks and ‘rework it’. An excellent second challenge. I may have nodded with satisfaction.

As usual, some immediately looked worried. Some immediately looked smug. And I’m not naming Alexandria.

With an extra day to complete both challenges, the designers set to (re)work. Here are the reworks:

alexandria avant rework

Out: Miranda | Rework: Alexandria

Alexandria has lots of practice with reworking;
she’s made the same look for the last 5 weeks running. Check the archives.

bradon avant rework

Out: Sue | Rework: Bradon

dom avant rework

Out: Jeremy | Rework: Dom

helen avant rework

Out: Kate | Rework: Helen

justin avant rework

Out: Justin | Rework: Justin

NB: Such a bold – and emotional – move to choose his own eliminated design.

At this point, I had a clear favorite. And a close second. And a third choice, even – but she’d been sent home last week. What would the judges say? They loved my favorite, Bradon, and my second, Dom. Bradon was announced the winner for the week. And there was much rejoicing. Then Dom was offered her place at fashion week to smiles all around.

But what happened next astounded me: the three remaining designers were asked to produce collections as well. <pausing for effect> Of course, not all of them would make it; only one would actually be judged. Still. Still. I might have mumbled something about a ‘cop out’, shut off the television, and left the room.

So we wait. For more fabricated suspense. For more inevitable tears. For Kate to come back.

Tune in tonight for part 1 of the PR Season12 finale at 9pm Eastern on Lifetime. And I’ll meet you back here for the Runway recap next week.


3 thoughts on “getting butterflies on the runway

  1. I thought Dom should have been the hands down winner. Her looks were very avant-garde and her pattern/color choices are superb. Had M. Kors been there I think he would have agreed with me that, despite the intense work involved, Bradon’s look reminded me of featherless quills stuck into the model. I thought his “reworked” model should have been carrying a pad and pencil and asking what I wanted to eat. I want Dom’s coat!!

    • Hahaha, ‘featherless quills’. They reminded me of those little spikes on a caterpillar’s back. And despite my preference for Bradon, I was surprised that Dom didn’t take the win. A very ‘haute’ look, n’est pas?
      PS: I miss Michael.

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