obsessed with Emma Bridgewater


I am not ‘preoccupied’ with Emma Bridgewater. I want to make that clear. Though I do admire and adore her work. And have a few pieces.


But obsessed? What a word. Such implications. The Husband travelled to Spain a few years ago. Would asking him to bring home some pieces of pottery only available in the shops in England be obsessive? He had a 6-hour layover at Heathrow. That’s in England. And therefore close to either the Fulham Road or Marylebone shops. It was an obvious request.


One of the pieces requested, well-used and well-loved.

Back in our little ‘burg, sometimes* the local shop owner who stocked EB would call to ask what I might want to order in for Christmas – or because it was Tuesday. Does that point to an obsession?


Would owning a packet of 6 tissues printed with the words ‘Bless You!’ be obsessing?


How about decorating your refrigerator like this:

iPhone 2 Oct 12 002

Does that count as obsessive? It matches these:

But obsession? No, I thought not.


* Often. In fact, regularly. Like every time there was a new catalog.

PS: Her husband, Matthew Rice, has done some lovely things as well:

DISCLAIMER: I’ve been collecting EB since 1993. None of these lovely items were paid for by anyone other than myself – or family and friends as generous birthday/Christmas/special occasion gifts. All obsessing over views about Emma Bridgewater and her company and its products are my own.

What do you think?