laying about reading books

The week-end is upon us once again. And my house has become a virtual sick ward. As such, and given the warm, rainy weather descending, I’m holing up, expecting little save food and drink, and allowing any and all to join me in a weekend of laying about with books. And magazines. Cups of tea and bloglovin’ may be involved as well. And carbs of some sort.

Here’s what’s on my bedside table:

And on the Kindle:

And a few ‘daily reads’ on bloglovin’:

Seth Godin  ::  Betsy Transatlantically  ::  Aspiring Kennedy  ::  Julianne Donaldson

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And speaking of Julianne Donaldson. Her new book ‘Blackmoore’ is out now. I finished it in one, great chomp. I had been looking forward to its release, obediently pre-ordering when the release date was announced. Last week, it arrived on my Kindle and I was not disappointed. Fantastic read. And as enjoyable as her first book, ‘Edenbrooke’, which will soon become a film. I think another ‘review’ is stirring. After some rest.



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