searching for a Kate Spade book clutch

Again I am seeking and not finding. This time, it’s this:

Kate Spade pride prejudice book clutch


Yes. It’s the ‘Kate Spade’ Pride & Prejudice book clutch from 2010. Once retailing for $325 on the KS site. (I decided against it.) Then reduced in a sale to $100. (I admirably refrained.) And now it’s ‘unavailable at this time’. (What a tease.) But I know it’s out in the ether somewhere with owners who either love it and carry it everyday or with those who’ve forgotten they own it. Or it’s hanging out on ebay, ‘NWT’, for $500.

The reason I’m looking for it is not self-serving, though. This elusive – and very cute – clutch would be used as a raffle item for a non-profit that’s celebrating the book’s 200th anniversary with our local independent book shop. See? Not self-serving at all.

But I cannot beg, borrow, or steal it. So…

If anyone has one and wants to donate it/sell it, I would love to hear from you. Or if you know of someone who knows someone whose friend saw Ferris at 31 flavors and his girlfriend was carrying it I’d love to hear from you, too.

In the meantime, I’ll keep looking. Or possibly get one of these as an alternative:

Kate Spade pride prejudice kindle


Except it looks like it’s ‘unavailable’, too.


What do you think?