having a ‘freaky Friday’ flashback

Freaky Friday 1976

On twitter, we hashtag ‘follow Fridays’.
On instagram, we celebrate ‘Friday reads’.
On this blog, I typically post a ‘flashback’ on Fridays.

As today is Friday the 13th, it’s officially a ‘freaky Friday’! So with a nod to the book/movies, I’m killing the proverbial ‘two birds’ by both flashing-back and taking the opportunity to hypothetically switch lives with someone. Today, that someone is:

Emerson Fry

I’ve been crushing since I saw this post on Design*Sponge in 2010. And it hasn’t let up. Here is the list, complete with pictures, of ‘reasons why’:

  • She lives here

    Sources: Design*Sponge and Boston Magazine via HighStreetMarket
  • She works here

    Sources: Brooklyn Bride and pinterest
  • She designs these

    Sources: EmersonFry.com and pinterest
  • And she said this ::
    ‘Our aim is to make the most beautiful, personal clothing for our beloved customer because she or he deserves the very best.’ (source)
    ‘For instance fireflies exist! Can you believe that? How is this possible?’ (source)
    What are your style influences? ‘Things that make me feel ready to live exactly the life as I need to live it.’ (source)
    ‘But in life I generally love the runner’s wave. You know the one? It’s an unspoken and meaningful gesture of mutual appreciation while traveling swiftly on.’ (source)


Are you crushing now too? Look for her just-released A/W13 collection at EmersonFry.com, and follow her on pinteresttumblr : twitter : and facebook for updates on all things Fry.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend. And check back in December for the next ‘freaky Friday’ flashback. I wonder who I’ll make the switch with then? Place your suggestions in the comments.


NB: Though I own some of the lovely products shown above, none of them were gifted.
And I might be wearing this:

emersonfry kaftan

…right now as I type up this post. It’s the gorgeous EF ‘butterfly kaftan’ from S/S13.
I should also note that EF customer service is some of the best I’ve encountered.
Another plus for making the ‘freaky Friday’ switch: she surrounds herself with good people.

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