having a weekend of R&R

It is the week end. Friday. And inspiration has struck for a theme: R&R.

Not surprising as a theme, right? However this ‘r-and-r’ is not ‘rest and relaxation’; this R&R stands for ‘Robert’ and ‘Redford’. Oh yes.

It will be a weekend spent on the sofa, lounging, with the windows open and the food ordered in. And I’ve already kicked things off with that 1980s blockbuster ‘Legal Eagles’, co-starring Ms Officer-and-a-Gentleman, Debra Winger, and Jackson Browne’s ex, Darryl Hannah. The movie has the trifecta: R&R (of course), an art mystery, and New York. And New York in the late 70s/early 80s was a stylish place. Inspiration abounds.

What’s next in the R&R movie queue? Here’s what we’ll be watching, or viewing after The Children are in bed or otherwise occupied:

  • ‘Barefoot in the Park’, with Jane Fonda
  • ‘The Way We Were’, with Barbra Streisand
  • ‘The Great Gatsby’, with Mia Farrow
  • ‘Spy Game’, with Brad Pitt
    and – to finish with a flourish –
  • ‘Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid’, with ‘Newman’s Own’ Paul Newman

NB: ‘Out of Africa’, ‘The Natural’, ‘All the President’s Men’, and my personal fav ‘Sneakers’ didn’t make the list since I’ve watched them recently, i.e. within the past year.

So it’s time to pop some popcorn and dim the lights. And settle in for a little R&R.

Have a good one, cats!


PS: I wonder if my mother knows that R&R starred in ‘Dr Kildare’? Did you know that, Mother?

What do you think?