on Etsy

Welcome back!

I have completed my ‘loafing’, resumed control, and operations are once again underway on the blog. It’s been a restful – and enlightening – month. And I certainly hope you’ve had a chance to take a holiday as well; they are much needed. I’ve had to keep in mind that wonderful ‘airplane-travel’ phrase: please place the oxygen mask on yourself before assisting others. It’s the phrase of motherhood, I think. And while appropriate, it can be extremely difficult to put into practice.

But this is not a ‘motherhood’ post. That’s coming later in the editorial calendar.

This post is about doing something new. As is tradition around here, each month – on the first – I try something new. In July, I made a cauliflower-crust pizza, complete with toppings. On August first, I acquiesced to a request from The Children and played ‘Battlefront’.

Today, I am opening an Etsy shop: Melinda Isn’t… On Etsy.

I have found the set-up incredibly easy, plowing through the process in a deliberate fashion. And taking breaks to snap photos and do research on limited-liability corporations. (NB: The Husband says ‘get one’. And Etsy forums agrees. Now at the top of my to-do list.)

Regardless the LLC, which is ‘in process’, I’ve opened, assured that ‘adjustments can be made later’. Fingers crossed!

So, click through here for a direct link to the ‘shop’, aptly named ‘Melinda Is Not… On Etsy’, and which currently has the following on offer:

Stop by and let me know what you think. And I take requests; so if you see something you like but need a different colorway, especially for the ‘Wait Just a Cotton Ticking Pillows’ and ‘Banner Day’ bunting, please ask. I might have what you’re looking for in my fabric stash.


What do you think?