bowing out on the runway


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It’s true. Just ask the Doctor.

And guest judge Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who announced what I think is the best challenge yet this PR season: create a look based on his company’s bow ties. ‘Tie the Knot’ was founded as an effort to promote both Jesse’s dapper bow-tie-wearing aesthetic and the marriage equality act. Both admirable in form and function.

With their directive given, the designers were sent to Mood with a $200 budget suggestion, which I understand some of them ignored and bodes well for possible ‘end-of-season’ money-crunch drama. Fast forwarding to the runway, as is my ‘modus operandi’, the drama was at defcon 5 in the ‘holding pen’ as Sandro went ballistic, firing his misdirected anger with the judges’ perception of his mediocre and tasteless work at his work-room colleagues. To cut to the chase: his outburst became violent and directly led to his being removed from the show. In other words, despite Sandro’s ‘safe’ status, he was eliminated – and everyone in the ‘bottom 3’ gets to keep calm and sew on.

Here are the top 3 looks:

I was chanting ‘Bradon, Bradon, Bradon’ at the judges. Because, despite the perfection of Dom’s lovely dress and the cleverness of Kate’s ‘ready-to-wear’ look, Bradon made the look I was hoping to see someone make. It was both clever and perfect. I would wear it – were I, as Heidi said, ‘built like Ya’. It’s seems the judges thought so too. Bradon won. Hurrah!

Now as I’ve said, Sandro was eliminated this week – not due to bad design, which I think would have been his downfall eventually, but due to his unacceptable behavior. Rightly so. Here though, for your perusal and critique, are the judges’ ‘bottom 3’:

I completely ignored the fact that Jeremy is in this group. This week was an aberration from his usual amazing design. He would have been ‘in’ – with a lot of encouragement to get back on track. Sue, who sharply overspent on this ‘experiment’, would have received a similar stern talking to. Heidi even went as far as to say that she couldn’t believe that the design was hers. Which leaves dear Miranda. And her jewel-tone crop-top. The retro-80s mess. Bless.

When all was said and done, the situation really did work out for the best. Braden nailed the challenge with his design, and Sandro has been jonesing for a fight, which is unnecessary and unbecoming a PR player. Ofttimes battles have to be fought with words. But when words escalate, and unchecked emotion steps in, we all know what can happen. And that mere threat of physical harm is our undoing.

And for that anyone would get kicked off Project Runway.

Stay tuned for next week’s windup, ladies and gents. And turn your dials to Lifetime tonight at 9pm EST for the new episode of PR.


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