doubling up on the runway


It’s Thursday morning – and time for the weekly windup in advance of tonight’s new Project Runway episode.

Today’s recap covers two weeks: ‘Million Dollar Runway’ & ‘An Unconventional Coney Island’. One was all about the money, money, money; the other was about yoghurt. Stay with me.

First, the money runway. Or as it’s surely been called somewhere – ‘the bling fling’. Challenged to create something fitting to be seen with the millions of dollars in jewels their models would be wearing, the designers went to work at Mood. It was a new, sparkly version of ‘the Red Carpet’ challenge. So we’re expecting lots of draping, flowing material, opulence, and all that. Judging the runway were Heidi, Zac, Nina, Eric Daman, and Tim.

Here’s what we got – the winner (on the left) and loser:

Totally agree with the winner, Kate, who backgrounded her design as ‘Marie Antoinette fleeing Versailles in her bedsheets’. The loser, on the other hand, whose work was described by Zac as a ‘dress from the sale rack’ was not as bad imho as this by Timothy:


A racer-back … in the front? The design hurts. Especially as the blue color was so lovely. Admirably, he worked with the oft-overlooked and misunderstood remnants. But still…

Let’s not pause, however. On to the unconventional challenge. The designers were taken to Coney Island (yeah!), divided into teams of two (oooh!), and challenged, apparently by episode sponsor Yoplait, to create their look from any and all prizes they won at the fun park. Further, the look was to be inspired by the reactions to the new Yoplait frozen yoghurt bars by the passers-by on the boardwalk.

The teams were: Dom/Alexandria, Alexander/Justin, Sandro/Sue, Bradon/Karen, Jeremy/Ken, Helen/Kate, and nemeses Miranda/Timothy. I was eager to see  what would walk. Judging the runway were Heidi, Zac, Nina, Tim, and Kelly Osborne.

Here’s the winning look (left) and losing:

Also known as ‘the stunning sombrero dress’ and ‘the deflated pool…with life jacket’.

In the teams, only one would win – or lose. I was gob-smacked to hear the first person asked in all of the ‘top 3’ teams name his/her partner. And the partner accepted the nomination! Graciously! In the end, Kate effused over Helen as a partner and designer – and Helen won. Righly so. In the world of ‘polar opposites’, the bottom 3 teams were a different story. And it was obvious from the looks on the judges faces that they were ousting someone from the team who trashed-talked the most. That would be Miranda and Timothy. Timothy, the Miranda-hating eco-conscious wearer of glitter heels and devotee of fluffy unicorns, was out.

Totally, 100% agree. With both decisions.

Now, what follows are the looks by the ‘under-the-radar’ designers from these two weeks:

These designers fly under-the-radar. And I predict a trip to NYFW for them all.

Tune in tonight at 9pm EST on Lifetime.


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