filling my house with Honest Company

I tend to bring things/brands into my home that I believe in, e.g. Method and Mrs MeyersLe Creuset, Emma Bridgewater, and Duralex. Brands that I’ve used for years and trust implicitly. Brands that, no matter when I’ve succumbed to the latest trend or whim or price cut, I’ve returned to again and again, wondering why I considered anything else.

But now I find I’m in a pickle.

Method and Mrs Meyers (and baking soda, vinegar, and elbow grease) have filled my house for years. Before I even had a ‘my house’. I’ve referred friends and family to their products without hesitation, confident that said person would find something up to the task.

Now, as I said, I’m in a pickle. I’ve been lured away again to try something new. And I like it.

I speak of the Honest Company and its products.

honestlogoI read an article about the company – and its founder and was intrigued. Then, a quick Google search brought me to a unique proposition: sign-up for monthly product delivery. I love monthly product deliveries. Am a total nut for them. Perhaps it’s due to my time living in New York. When I could order up a delivery for a pint of Ben&Jerry’s and some chewing gum at 3 am. Or sweep into the Food Emporium, slap down my printout, and leave to await the call from the doorman within the hour. Perhaps it’s due to my dislike of clutter – and my aversion to ‘big box’ stores which both add to it and force you to walk around in it.

Needless-to-say, when the Honest Company baited me, I bit.

I ordered a sample of the ‘essentials’ first, just to kick the tires. It arrived three days later in a bright blue box that contained not only the samples, but clever instructions for each. That was a good sign. Prompt and packaged-well are two strong selling points. When their next email asked me if I liked what I’d received and wanted to order a month of products, I ticked ‘yes’ and then chose which five ‘essentials’ to receive.

It’s been three months since the first shipment. And while I’m not sold on the entire line, I do like some products, maybe even enough to work them into my Method/Mrs Meyers rotation.

Here’s what we’ve tried:


The Honest Company products


Here’s what we keep coming back to:


The Honest Company dish soap, white grapefruit

And these:


Left to right: bubble bath, shampoo+body wash, ‘suds up’ scrubber

The whole family loves it:



What do you think, people? Have you tried any of the Honest Company’s products? And what about monthly deliveries? Are you a nut, too? Leave me a comment and let me know.


NB: As usual, I was not paid, cajoled, or otherwise enticed to write this review or endorse any product mentioned here. Further, the ‘monthly delivery’ scheme has been paid for by our own funds. Carry on.


What do you think?