gunning for the runway

Pedals to the metal! It’s the weekly windup for tonight’s new episode of ‘Project Runway’.

A fan of the show since its inception, this season I’m trying something new: watching only the first five minutes to catch the challenge and then the runway show. I call it an ‘experiment in editing‘* and promise to go back after the season finale and listen to everything Tim Gunn said.

Let’s recap Week 1:

This season began on a different kind of runway, one with which we all are perhaps a bit more familiar. Looking a lot like Teterboro, the designers were standing in a grassy airfield listening to the welcome from Heidi and Tim, known from this point on as ‘the DD’ – or Dynamic Duo. On their cue, a plane flew overhead, releasing skydivers who parachuted onto the field, released their harnesses, and walked away. Without a word. With lights dawning in the eyes of the designers, the DD announced the first challenge. Obviously this was not a ‘supermarket sweep’.

Challenge 1: Create a look from a parachute.

The designers each grabbed a chute, and were later given access to ‘supplemental material’ to complete their designs if they needed it. Here are the challenge winner and loser, left to right:

pr12-runway1-bradon    pr12-runway1-angela

Two other designs worth noting:

pr12-runway1-ken    pr12-runway1jeremy

Yes, that is a pair of parachute pants. Made from a parachute. The level of humor just went up 10 points.

Hey! Watch out! Here come the spoilers: The billowy winning design was by Braden. And Angela, creator of the poncho, was out. The two other designs shown are by Ken, of the ruffled halter dress (left), and Jeremy, of the literal parachute pants (right). Zac Posen was judging – excellent, along with Heidi and Nina. The guest judge was Kate Bosworth.

New this season: Tim Gunn has been provided with both a judging chair and 1 ‘save’ to prevent the ousting of a designer by the other judges. Also new: the models step off the runway for the judges to inspect the work up close. Good changes.

Meet me back here each Thursday morning during the season for the ‘weekly windup’. Then, catch the show each Thursday evening at 9pm EST on Lifetime.

So what say you, armchair designers? Are you watching? Do you have a favorite?


* I’m not completely ‘edited’. While I am also eschewing the website (except to grab photos) and PR-related social media, I did watch – and highly recommend – ‘the Road to the Runway’ special. I cannot wait to see if the designers I liked then are the designers you like throughout. Let me know!

What do you think?