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With the news of yesterday, I thought about changing this post to read ‘popping corks’. Alas, I did not. That would have provided an incongruity even I could not abide. So what we have instead is the original post – about popcorn. Cheers!

As I mentioned rather quickly in a previous post, I am dieting. Don’t judge; it happens. And one thing I’ve discovered about myself these past months is that I like to chew things. Again, please don’t judge. With the absence of things to chew, as happens on a diet, you look for things to replace that comforting gesture.

I searched through the tome accompanying this particular diet and found that popcorn, even popcorn popped in oil if it is the right kind, is an acceptable snack. (NB: 1 cup of grape-seed oil-popped popcorn is only 35 cals!) So bowls and bowls of it are consumed – chewed, if you will. Do I eat it when I watch Netflix? Sometimes. But popcorn isn’t just for the movie theatre. Or the microwave. It’s delicious anytime, can ‘pop’ 3 feet into the air, and is best when cooked on the stove. Trust me.

What follows is a pictorial of the ritual I follow each day:


Step 1: Prepare the popper. I’ve found an ‘old fashioned’ hand crank popper works best.


Step 2: Choose your oil. I’ve used grape seed here, but – barring allergies – peanut, veggie, canola, and olive all suffice. About 1 – 1.5 tsp works just fine; try to refrain from ‘over oiling’.


Step 3: Choose your popping corn. I’ve road-tested several brands and this one by ‘Jolly Time’ is my go-to, best-tasting, most-kernels-popped favorite. NB: how much you add to the popper depends on how much you want to eat. Or share.


Step 4: Turn on the heat. I throw in a few ‘test kernels’ whilst the oil heats, adding the rest when it’s ready. Once the popping really heats up, crank away!


Step 5: Salt the popcorn to taste. EAT THE POPCORN. Share the popcorn.


Popping Corn: done.


Seen in this post: Back-to-Basics stove top popper (similar to shown), Grape-ola grape seed oil, Jolly Time ‘American’s Best’ popping corn, Nigella Lawson ceramic measuring cups, Emma Bridgewater ‘Starry Toast’ serving bowl (similar to shown).

Disclaimer: All items are my own; none of these, consumable or otherwise, were gifted and no endorsement has been sought or paid for this review or post.


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  1. Humorous. Suggestive. Helpful. Witty. With excellent product placement. What one would expect from Melinda Isn’t. And doesn’t your kitchen look nice!

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